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Религия и глупость!

12/04/2012 21:18

Ответ на   Беседа!

Религия и глупость!

- Что бы ответил ты на следующее, якобы сказанное Карлом Марксом:
«Human stupidity created religion and religion made human stupidity immortal»?

- Не могу согласиться с этим высказыванием, мое мнение по-английски было бы следующим образом:
«Not human stupidity created religion but thirst for his thinking in the search for ethics of life and the meaning of his existence in this phenomenal world and to find answer to question: – “who I am?” Thus was born the philosophy or scientific and theoretical thinking of human.
After, started theology (religious science) – metaphysical science which does not prove the existence of God and became dogma, naked faith (religion) as well as physical and psychological science does not prove no existence of God and became naked unbelief (atheism). Both of them do not recognize the existence of the cosmic intelligence, which is free from all religious and atheistic attributes specified to there Gods as far as the current mentality of our humanity. The cosmic intelligence is a lot of spaces higher from all of mythical gods were created by fantastical imagination of human way of thinking. But that's another topic of scientific philosophy.

This slogan is emotional. It shows its not scientific approach philosophical problems of human thinking, about the meaning of his existence in this world.

This slogan winged with a stupidity. It is eccentrically expressed, as same religious faith of holiness of their corridor of thinking.
The stupidity of this motto is it’s contrary to the truth – that, there is nothing exists eternally, or constantly, or indefinitely including human stupidity and the matter it self in infinite evolution.

All beings in status of movement, with this all eternally change its status, content and the quality of the entity.

The quality of (instinctive, automatic and willed) thinking as evolutionary or involutionary matter depends on the mental choice of human.

Not an instrument of labour and not physically work, but thought work contributes to the evolution of the human essence.

Fixed philosophy becomes dogma or as the almighty gene in the pitcher or as this goofy slogan or as stupidly shouting "Allah Akbar".


  1. Религия и глупость! - Naazimm от 12/04/2012 21:18

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